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i have a HUGE interest in amusement parks but i've mostly focused my attention on roller coasters! so i'm gonna write a bunch about my favorites and all that! now although i really like coasters i havent ridden many cuz im scared and also i dont have travel funds lmao so a lot of places on this place i haven't even been!

my biggest interest of coasters is absolutely Alton Towers!! i am constantly trying to learn more about Alton Towers because i love it SO MUCH!! Alton Towers is in Alton, Staffordshire, England, which is probably why i will NEVER be able to go! my favorite roller coaster in the entire world lives here, named The Smiler (pictured below), and my site name also originates from here, as X-Sector is the section of the park in which The Smiler resides. While The Smiler is my favorite from this park, my runner-ups definitely have to be Oblivion and Nemesis. Please click here to read all about why I love Alton Towers as well as to see some subpages about The Smiler, Oblivion, and more!

i have a lot of interest in Carowinds! Carowinds is an amusement park in Charlotte, North Carolina although about half of it stretches into Fort Mill, South Carolina (it sits on the state line). i've been wanting to go to Carowinds since i was 12 and it's only improved since then! my favorite roller coaster from Carowinds is Copperhead Strike (closely followed by Fury 325), pictured below! to learn more about Copperhead Strike and my other favorites from Carowinds, click here!

two parks i have tied for an equal notable interest in is Kings Island and Cedar Point! while i have a little bit more knowledge about Cedar Point, Son of Beast from Kings Island really reeled me into looking into it more. Kings Island is in Mason, Ohio and Cedar Point is in Sandusky, Ohio. my favorite coaster from Kings Island would've been Son of Beast, but it was demolished in 2012 after being SBNO since 2009. my second choice has to be Banshee! my favorite coaster from Cedar Point is Steel Vengeance, pictured below, although I also enjoy Millennium Force's look. To read more about Son of Beast's story, click here, and to read more about Cedar Point, click here!

also, click here to read my trip reports page!