since 2019...



the main course of my website! my interests are like the most IMPORTANT thing about me! without them i don't know what i would do without them :P
please check them out! you can click some for more information (please click them!) lol

other interests: 12 oz mouse, adult swim shows (im working on watching most of their originals), animal crossing, antbrain, args, baldi's basics, bfdi, betty boop, billie eilish, carpoolparty, chalkzone, crash bandicoot, cuphead, danny gonzalez, dead malls, dhmis, doug, eastern min: the lost souls of tong-nou, felix the cat, fnaf, garfield, gillian hills, gumby, hello! project, hr pufnstuf, idolm@ster, inanimate insanity, inspector gadget, jack stauber, bbc jigsaw, kablam, kirby, ladies code, lsd: dream emulator, mcu, meanies, megaman, minecraft, MOTHER, nemraps, mickey mouse (2013), mst3k, musicals, osamu sato, oswald the lucky rabbit, pilotredsun, poradnik usmiechu, severe weather, slniecko, super paper mario, tokyo wakusei planetokio, toontown, town of salem, wainstop enterprises, wednesday campanella, weirdo house, undertale + deltarune, unikitty!, and yume nikki!

my hobbies are 2d art, sculpture, embroidery, sewing, inline skating, spreadsheets, and yo-yo.

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